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Inbound Commerce is “the practice of attracting your ideal customers to your ecommerce site by building relationships with them.” It goes far beyond discounts and free shipping ofers. Sure, discounts are enticing, but in the short term, you attract the “coupon clippers” of the Internet. How can you move beyond these incentives and truly connect with your customers in a meaningful way based on their sincere interest in what you offer? We’re here to show you.

Here's an inforgraphic demonstrating the inbound marketing funnel that we apply to your digital marketing strategy.


Some Questions you should be asking yourself

1) What is your purpose?


You need to determine your unique selling proposition (USP), if you haven’t already. A unique selling proposition is more than just a catchphrase, it’s the key values and identity that sets your ecommerce business apart from others. If you don’t have a USP already, a mission statement or even an elevator pitch may be a great place to start.

2) Who are you speaking to?


Imagine what would happen if a comedian got up on stage and told a great joke to the wrong audience. The joke would fall flat and not resonate with the crowd. Without understanding who the audience is, even the best comedian will be a flop. Understanding your audience and knowing your buyer personas are key in telling the story of your business. You must know where your conviction falls and what you stand for as a company. 


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