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what we do

Ready to talk digital strategy, ROI and results-based performance? 


what we do

Ready to talk digital strategy, ROI and results-based performance? 

Hello. ed interactive group IS A Digital STRATEGY Consultancy.

We help high-tech B2B manufacturers and distributors be more digitally competitive. Expect to reduce overhead, get agile, attract new customers, increase sales and improve service performance. To save significant time, money and headache, our role is to help you get ahead of the game in these core areas: 


  • Create a strategy that optimizes your sales and marketing efforts

  • Attract more traffic, convert more leads, increase sales opportunities

  • Provide a business case shortlist of ‘best fit’ SaaS/Cloud vendors

  • Transform your website into a 24/7 sales rep to boost ecommerce


  • Develop and implement marketing projects and programs

  • Direct content creation and publishing for brand journalism

  • Monitor inbound and content marketing performance

  • Assess and monitor SaaS/Cloud implementation plans


  • Demonstrate your unique passion and value over your competitors

  • Analyze your customer's BANTS, goals, priorities and challenges

  • Learn what customers will and won't pay for with your services

  • Reposition your brand to anticipate emerging industry trends

  • Develop brand and style guides to direct designers and copywriters


  • Create content that's timely and helpful to build customer loyalty

  • Address your customer's top learning objectives and preferences

  • Analyze customer search strategies to focus content priorities

  • Discover the best channels for prospects to learn more about you

  • Measure and test every tactic to assess and improve results


Let's first define your business goals and expected outcomes for ROI and results-based performance. With that we'll reverse engineer what you'll need, when you'll need it. Then we suggest a small project test drive. To clear any slowdowns or roadblocks we'll look at the dashboard together with a 'Smart Project'.